Market Health Index

Every day, I publish statistics and analysis about the NFT market on Twitter. My main focus is the NFT PFP market, where I see the most potential, from my perspective as a startup founder and investor.

You can follow this as a Youtube livestream on my channel every day at 1pm UK time, 9am EST, if you prefer video content.

Or, if you like emails, you can get this daily report sent straight to your inbox via Ghost/Revue:

Market health index on Discord

Apart from the daily report on my twitter and via the newsletter system above, you can also get the stats (sans analysis) from a few Discords.

Top ten stats are available every 12 hours from the following Discords: Llamaverse (silver pass required), Zenecademy, Fusion Apes, Nifty Gateway, DystoPunks, Paper Hands, Wealth Building Blueprint, NFT Project List, DAPE, Noble Thieves.

Top ten charts including the stacked bar charts are available from the following Discords: Llamaverse (gold pass required), Zenecademy 333 club (333 membership required).

If you would like the stats integrated in your project Discord, please get in touch! There is no charge.

Market health index on Youtube!

How the market health index is produced

The original thread where I announced the market health index publicly also explains how the sausage is made:

Latest update?

I used to log all the updates here but it became a bit too much faff. So just check my twitter account and you should be able to find them!